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The Fortuna Difference.

Fortuna Identity’s values are predicated on high quality delivery, innovation and knowledge retention, amongst others. As a boutique firm, forID is vendor agnostic, rather focused on helping our clients reach the right results for their organization.

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How We Help


BIRTH stands for:
Boutique, Infrastructure, Resource, and
Technology Harvest.

Typical engagements lack methodology, flexibility and are delivered for all the wrong reasons. Our methodology emphasizes customer focus, innovation, strategic execution, cost effectiveness and highly trained specialists.

Typical Engagement

Hourly Consulting or Fixed Price

Revenue Driven

Resource Reallocation to other projects

Tactical Focus

Low “Cost effectiveness”

Multiple Misalignments


Commodity / Vendor Organization

BIRTH™ Model

Flexible Models

Customer Driven

Knowledge Retention/Arbitrage

Strategic Focus

High “Cost effectiveness”

Aligned Perfomance


Extended / Virtual Organization



Relationship Manager placed at client site for managing expectations

Establish customized development environment including reporting mechanisms

Ensure seamless work process as “ONE” team between client and delivery teams



Knowledge transfer of applications to engineers

Define entry & exit criteria; escalation procedures set up

Train engineers on client processes & methodology

2 - 3 MONTHS


Define entry & exit criteria; escalation procedures set up

Knowledge transfer of applications to engineers

Train engineers on client processes & methodology

4 - 6 MONTHS

Value We Bring

forID’s Commitment


Industry specification

Customer Processes


Cost Effective

High retention

Scalable Teams

Customer Centric
Competency Center (C4)

Industry specialization

Customer Processes

Our Industry Expertise

Experienced in your industry.


Enhanced User Experience
Ping Identity

Improving User Experience with Ping Identity for Financial Firm

Users’ login to websites were now facilitated using the same Active Directory credentials to log in, thereby reducing the helpdesk workload for other password reset calls. Additionally, SSO enforced the same password management settings that otherwise were managed by the solution providers.

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Security Assessment

Re-Assessing a Healthcare Company’s Identity Readiness

Our Assessment allowed the Healthcare client to quickly adopt changes and work on next steps to meet their critical compliance liabilities. The roadmap and assessment elucidated gaps and risks the organization would need to address in order to build a successful program.

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Securing Privileged Accounts

Protecting Privileged Accounts for Retail Client using Okta

Privileged Account holders would be required to use MFA via Okta to authenticate into the account. forID developed policies and standards, eliminating the use of passwords for privileged accounts and requiring all new applications to have privileged accounts secured via Okta and CyberArk.

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forID also deploys solutions in
Flip iconAccessManagement icon

Information systems today are so robust that their access points are endless. When there’s a need to determine which individuals are allowed to access what resources, & how to verify their identity, forID can assist.

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Cloud Security &

Cloud-first or Hybrid model enterprise, cloud security is paramount in protecting cloud data, applications & infrastructure. forID’s experts can help your organization plan for your cloud journey by activating a collection of security measures.

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Privileged Access

Exerting visibility and control over elevated access is key to ensuring privileged accounts remain protected. Our highly skilled PAM experts help safeguard your valuable secrets.

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When Enterprises need to fulfil business and security requirements while increasing operation efficiencies  - forID can augment the organization and provide 24x7, 365 days coverage.

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